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Garage Doors & Maintenance

<h1>Garage Doors &amp; Maintenance</h1> <p>Our Garage Doors &amp; Maintenance blogs have everything you need to help guide your next garage door purchase, DiY maintenance, and helpful tips. Let these blogs guide you towards having the best house on the street.</p>

New Garage Doors Give Homeowners Best ROI

New Garage Doors Give Homeowners Best ROI In Remodeling Industry


First Impressions Matter The first impression your house makes, its curb appeal, has a major impact on how much a prospective home buyer is willing to pay for the property. If the house looks rundown on the outside, dilapidated or decrepit garage doors for example, it won’t matter how spectacular ev...

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Spring Forward

Here Comes The Sun!


Daylight savings is a great reminder to take care of some maintenance around the house you’ve been putting off. While you are testing your smoke detectors and flipping your mattresses, don’t forget to give your garage some attention too. Here are some tips for maintaining your garage door opener when you Spring forward this y...

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Operation of a garage door with remote

About Garage Door Remotes and Keypads


As a company that specializes in garage doors, we often encounter frequently asked questions about garage door opener remotes and keypads.  We decided to compile some of the most common advice we give to homeowners having trouble with their garage door operators. There are no “universal” controls ...

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Ghost standing in front of garage door

Halloween Fun with Your Garage


Halloween is just around the corner! Our team came up with a few horrifying ideas for how to make your garage a fang-tastic place to celebrate. Scary Movie Night: If your garage door is white, then you’re already half-way to having a movie screen! If not, a white sheet hung up  in front...

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Image of clearance sign on garage door

What Makes a Clearance Door?


Everyone makes mistakes, it’s a simple fact of life. Either you can learn from them, or put them on clearance. How do we determine which doors get discounted? Usually, it’s one of the three reasons listed below:   Minor Cosmetic Issues Sometimes we receive a door from our manufa...

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Is Your Garage Opener Ready?

Is Your Garage Opener Ready?


Installing an automatic opener into a garage is possible in most cases. Before you call to have Fagan Door Corp. come and install a new opener, first check the list below to see whether or not your garage door is opener ready.   How tall is the garage door? The first step is ...

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Timber doors

Wonderful Ways You Can Use Your Garage


If you’re stuck at home looking for a project that will expand your space, why not consider reimagining your garage? Garages are for much more now than just cars and tools (though a workshop in your garage is a great use of space!) Read our suggestions below for how you can turn your drab garage into a fabulous new living spa...

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Reasons to Consider Financing Your Door


Maybe you have been waiting to save up enough money to buy that perfect garage door that you have been wanting. Why wait? In addition to high quality garage doors and garage door openers, Fagan Door offers financing plans so you can buy now and pay over time. Even if you have the cash, financing a purchase can benef...

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A Fagan Door in a Snow Drift

How Winter Weather Affects Your Door


Did you know that winter weather has several negative effects on your garage door? Here are just a few: Batteries If you’re finding it hard to open your door when using your remote control or keypad, the first thing you want to check are the batteries. Cold temperatures slow the effectiven...

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Three garage door options

What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door for Your Home


When you’re in the market for a new garage door, the choices can be overwhelming. There are many styles to choose from, and various aesthetic features to take into consideration. It is important, however, to look at the functionality of the door you choose. While your garage door is an external design feature of your home, it...

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