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A Fagan Door in a Snow Drift

How Winter Weather Affects Your Door

Did you know that winter weather has several negative effects on your garage door? Here are just a few:

  1. Batteries
    If you’re finding it hard to open your door when using your remote control or keypad, the first thing you want to check are the batteries. Cold temperatures slow the effectiveness of the chemical reaction inside the battery, causing it to weaken over time. 
  2. Lubricants
    Is your door sticking? Some lubricants can freeze in cold weather, causing moving parts on garage doors to seize, resulting in squeaking, due to excessive friction. If this happens to your door, avoid using WD-40, as it contains water, which may make it worse. Our specially formulated Fagan Door Lubricant is designed specifically for garage doors, and will prevent freezing, dust accumulation, and corrosion.
  3. Springs
    All garage door springs have a life span between 8 - 10 thousand cycles. This means you can open and close your door about 8,000 times before it will break. A family of four can use up those cycles in as few as 4 - 5 years!
    When temperatures rapidly drop, it can affect you garage door springs. The cold air can make the springs brittle and cause breakage, especially if they're at the end of their life span.

If your door is experiencing seasonal-related issues, it’s time to call a professional. Never try to repair a garage door yourself at the risk of hurting yourself or a loved one. Want to have a certified Fagan Door technician perform routine service on your garage door? Book an appointment online by clicking Here.

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