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Is Your Garage Opener Ready?

Is Your Garage Opener Ready?

Installing an automatic opener into a garage is possible in most cases. Before you call to have Fagan Door Corp. come and install a new opener, first check the list below to see whether or not your garage door is opener ready.


  1. How tall is the garage door?

The first step is to measure the height of your door from the bottom to the top. We need to be sure of the door’s height so we have the proper length of rail to allow the automatic opener to lift your door all the way up.


  1.  Is there electricity in the garage?

If there is no electricity in your garage, you need to first contact a trusted electrician about wiring, as we do not have a licensed electrician on staff. Alternatively, if you have an existing opener that is hardwired into your garage, you would need to contact an electrician to have them remove the hardwired unit first.


  1.  Is there an electrical outlet on the ceiling?

If there are no electrical outlets on the ceiling, but there is a light fixture on the ceiling, those can be easily converted into an electrical outlet. An adapter appliance, which can be found at any home improvement store, can be installed in order to accomplish this. Keep in mind the distance of the outlet from where the opener is installed, as the length of the opener cords (between 4 and 6 feet) vary depending upon the machine. The openers need a 110V grounded outlet.


  1. How much room is there from the top of the door (while in the opened position) to the ceiling (or the first thing in the way)?

There needs to be at least 6" of space to accommodate the opener motor that hangs on the top of the garage. This ensures that the door will not knock the opener out of place upon opening.

If you are in need of a new garage door opener and were able to check off all the items on this list, call our showroom at (401) 821-2729 to discuss your garage door opener options, or view your options online here.

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