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Clearly lettered Fagan Door vehicle with Signature 4-Leaf Clover

Consumer Alert

Consumer Alert! Have you fallen victim to a deceitful business?

As of January 2020, it has been calculated that over 4.5 Billion use the internet. More than half of those internet users purchase goods or services online, and chances are that you are one of them. It all starts with a few simple “keywords” that are typed into the search bar. The most popular search engines used are Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and AOL, just to name a few.

In order for legitimate businesses to be displayed on these search engines, they must register and “claim” their business profiles. The business profiles that “pop up” as a result of an internet search will display the company name, address, website and phone number.

It has come to our attention that one of these listings, posted on Bing, has been hijacked by a deceitful company that has falsely claimed our Fagan Door business listing as their own. The phone number displayed on this Bing listing has been redirecting phone calls to a different phone number, which will be answered as “Garage Doors.” If you are an unsuspecting consumer, you may think that you dialed Fagan Door, when in fact, you have called a company that is impersonating our identity.  If you book an appointment, the individual will arrive in an unmarked white van. With the cooperation of a loyal customer, we managed to get him on film. While using the internet is a convenient way to search for your favorite business, this tactic is putting consumers at risk.


How to Know You Called Fagan Door


1. Phone Calls

We at Fagan Door would like our customers to know that anytime you call us, our staff will always answer as “FAGAN DOOR” and each of our staff will introduce themselves by name, in a manner such as “Fagan Door, Kathy speaking…”

2. Clearly Marked Uniforms and Vehicles

It’s hard to miss a Fagan Door vehicle! Every one of our company vehicles is lettered with our company name and Signature 4-Leaf Clover. Additionally, all of our service techs are in uniforms that are consistent with our logo branding. We also have a dedicated page on our website showcasing every employee’s portrait, so you can match a face with a name when you are calling.

3. Tracking and Real-Time Notifications

From the moment you schedule an appointment, Fagan Door will send you real time reminders and tracking notifications directly to your phone with information about the technician who will be working on your door. This notification will include a link to view the technician’s identity, along with a brief bio. This way you can be confident that the technician arriving at your door is an authorized Fagan Door representative.




Fagan Door takes your safety seriously and we want to share with you some ways to help protect yourself from deceitful companies:

1. Know the company you are calling

Review their website and become familiar with their logo and branding.

2. Ask questions

If you call a business and they don’t answer with the name of the business you were expecting to hear, ask them “What company am I speaking with?” to confirm the business they are claiming to represent.

3. Look for the correct branding

Upon arrival, make sure that the vehicle is marked with the same name and logo of the business that you called. An unmarked white van is a sure sign that something might be wrong. Make sure the representative who arrives at your home is wearing a company branded uniform and is able to produce a receipt form that is also branded with the company name and logo.

Being aware is the first step in helping to protect yourself from those who may be looking to take advantage of you.

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