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What Makes a Clearance Door?

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s a simple fact of life. Either you can learn from them, or put them on clearance. How do we determine which doors get discounted? Usually, it’s one of the three reasons listed below:


Minor Cosmetic Issues

Sometimes we receive a door from our manufacturer with a small scratch or bump in one of the sections, and we don’t notice until after installation. Provided that the issue is small and can be restored with little effort, we will list it on our clearance page and often install it with a few tips for the new owner on how to make the door look like new.


Wrong Measurements

There have been times when we’ve gone to install a door only to find that it is the wrong size. When that happens, we put it on our website with a discounted price to make sure it finds its perfect fit.


Change of Mind

Occasionally, we will install a door that has nothing wrong with it, other than the fact that it wasn’t exactly what the homeowner thought they wanted. Maybe the window design doesn’t match the windows on the house, or the panels don’t look the way the homeowners envisioned it. In any case, we take the door back and put it up on our clearance page.

You can browse all our clearance doors listed here. If you’re interested in one of our clearance doors, the first step is to call us at (401) 821-2729 and schedule a visit to have one of our representatives measure your garage door opening. This way, before you purchase, we can be sure the door will find its forever home.

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