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Wonderful Ways You Can Use Your Garage

If you’re stuck at home looking for a project that will expand your space, why not consider reimagining your garage? Garages are for much more now than just cars and tools (though a workshop in your garage is a great use of space!) Read our suggestions below for how you can turn your drab garage into a fabulous new living space.


Home Gym

Looking to stay in shape while social distancing? Why not turn your garage into a home gym! If it’s the hard ground you’re worried about, EVA floor mats are inexpensive, can be found online, and are perfect for creating a slight bounce and soft surface for maximum work-out potential. Bring out your yoga mat, weights, or your treadmill to really give it that gym feel. Whenever you get too hot, just open the door to enjoy the fresh air!

Music Room

Most famous musicians got their starts in garages (many others got their start in a garage, too) and it’s no wonder why. Most garages don’t have a lot of soft objects, making it the perfect acoustic cave. Grab your drumset, guitar, triangle, or tuba to test the sound yourself to see if this room may be your new muse. Practice in private, then open the door to when you’re ready to perform for the whole neighborhood.

Play Space

A garage is a wonderful mix between indoors and outdoors, which makes it perfect for children who love to run in and out. Put down some rugs or foam mats to create a softer space, or leave the floor uncovered for chalk drawings! A garage playroom leaves a lot up to the imagination, making it great for new adventures (and an easier clean-up for after the adventure is done). Your kids will enjoy being able to easily maneuver between spaces, while you get to relax for a bit.


A reimagined garage space may call for a new garage door, so the outside can look as good as the inside. When you’re ready to update your door, Fagan Door has you covered. Click here to learn more about our financing, or call (401) 821 - 2729 to get your free estimate over the phone.

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