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New Garage Doors Give Homeowners Best ROI

New Garage Doors Give Homeowners Best ROI In Remodeling Industry

First Impressions Matter

The first impression your house makes, its curb appeal, has a major impact on how much a prospective home buyer is willing to pay for the property. If the house looks rundown on the outside, dilapidated or decrepit garage doors for example, it won’t matter how spectacular everything looks once they walk through the front door, buyers are going to rethink their budget and what they are willing to pay. On the other hand, a home with a visually appealing exterior gives a positive first impression, leading buyers to believe the structure has “good bones” and is worth the asking price before ever stepping foot inside.

Increase Your Homes Value

There’s a number of reasons we might jump into a new remodeling or home improvement project: new additions to the family, lifestyle improvements, or just to tie up odds and ends that have been sitting on an ever growing To Do list. You might start a project for any of those reasons, however, purchasing new garage doors for your home adds a value that most projects can’t offer – a higher sale price for your home.

According to the 35th annual Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling Magazine, an assessment of the value improvement projects can add to a home’s worth, remodeling the exterior will give you the greatest return on investment, with garage doors claiming to top spot with a 93% return. Here in New England, the ROI is even higher at over 95%. Garage doors take up a sizeable portion of a home’s “visual real estate” so it is important to potential buyers that the doors are in great shape and complement the home. Most people aren’t interested in major projects immediately after buying a new home, so if the garage doors are in poor shape, the buyers will notice. However, they will also notice if the home has brand new doors, ensuring them potentially decades of use.

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