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Ghost standing in front of garage door

Halloween Fun with Your Garage

Halloween is just around the corner! Our team came up with a few horrifying ideas for how to make your garage a fang-tastic place to celebrate.

Scary Movie Night:

If your garage door is white, then you’re already half-way to having a movie screen! If not, a white sheet hung up  in front of the door works just as well. With a projector, you can play a scary movie for your friends and the neighborhood to enjoy. If you don’t have one already, you can find a projector on Amazon.

Spooky Setting:

If a movie doesn’t get you in the spirit, then turning your garage into a horror scene will! Using lights and other decorative items, you can create a haunted house fit for any monster. Throw a costumed party inside, or use it to give trick-or-treaters a fun scare.

Monster House:

Garage Dressed as Monster

Regular monsters not enough? Decorate your garage to look like a giant monster with a moving mouth! With some paint, foam poster board, lots of glue and this tutorial, you can create the same effect as the picture above.

The scariest thing we can think of is a garage door that doesn’t work, but booking your appointment shouldn’t drive you batty! At FaganDoor.Com/BookNow, you can book your appointment at any time, even during the witching hour. Don’t want to go online? Give us a call on your cell-bone at (401) 821 - 2729.

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