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Operation of a garage door with remote

About Garage Door Remotes and Keypads

As a company that specializes in garage doors, we often encounter frequently asked questions about garage door opener remotes and keypads.  We decided to compile some of the most common advice we give to homeowners having trouble with their garage door operators.

There are no “universal” controls

The brand of the opener has to match the brand of the remote or keypad. When the manufacturer creates the opener accessories, they’re programmed with a matching frequency that allows a brand’s openers to “talk” to its remotes and keypads. When you get the wrong brand or a third-party device that claims to be universal, you are increasing the likelihood of wasting your time and money trying to get it to work.

They will not work as soon as you get them home

Remotes and keypads need to be paired to a specific opener. Otherwise, every single remote and keypad made by the manufacturer would operate your home, your neighbor’s home, or any other door that’s connected to the same brand of opener. Each accessory should come with instructions for how to pair with your motor. Usually, you can find a visual step-by-step by searching on youtube based on the opener brand. More often than not, you may have to get a ladder to reach the motor itself in order to successfully pair the remote or keypad.

Remotes and keypads will not last forever- they have batteries

One of the most common inquiries we have regarding remotes and keypads is what to do when they stop operating the door. Our first question is, “have you changed the batteries in your remote?” Nine times out of ten, this is the issue. Sometimes, this can be the same issue for a wireless keypad that stops working as well. If you change the batteries and find it is still not cooperating, then you can bring it into our showroom to have a representative look at it to determine the cause of inoperation.

Need a new remote but aren't sure what kind you need? If we installed your garage door operating system, then give us a call and we can determine your brand and provide you with a new remote. Don't want to come to our office to pick it up? Then we will gladly ship the remote to you for your convenience.

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