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Helpful Garage Door Shopping Tips:

1) You Get What You Pay For

When shopping for a garage door / garage door opener company, there will always be someone out there willing to do the job for less. But consider that if you are paying less for a garage door or garage door opener, you are most certainly getting less - Less experience, less customer service, and less quality.

Lower-cost garage doors from other garage door companies often have a shorter life span and may require a service call sooner rather than later. It also might be very difficult to get the low-bidder to return for adjustments once your check is cashed.

2) Know the Company You're Doing Business With

We have seen many "garage door companies" come and go over the years. Fagan Door is here today, here tomorrow.

Ask to see references from existing customers or credentials demonstrating recognition by the garage door industry. Make sure that the garage door company that you contract with has current and valid workman's compensation and liability insurance and is licensed by the state. Fagan Door holds registration #110 with the Rhode Island Contractor's Registration Board, registration #117158 with the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor Program, and registration #610277 with the State of Connecticut.

3) Know the Level of Service You'll Get

Many "garage door companies" are simply individuals who work from home. They're often unable to provide good service or technical support because they lack the necessary training. It may also be difficult to get the installer to return for an adjustment after your check is cashed. In contrast, Fagan Door has a team of professional office staff and garage door technicians that have made a career of installing and maintaining garage door products. Many of our staff member are personally accredited by the IDEA. We attract experienced staff by treating them well: we pay competitive salaries and provide company uniforms; we contribute to health insurance and a 401K program. We equip our staff with the tools and vehicles necessary to do a quality job.

4) Know When You Can Expect Service

The garage door company you purchase from should be able to respond quickly. Fagan Door has a fleet of service vehicles to cover the local Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts areas so that we can provide fast installation and service. Most house calls are scheduled the same day we receive your call!

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