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Garage door surge protector

It’s easy to forget about the surge protector on your garage door opener, but it’s an important part of preventing garage door openers from becoming damaged from storms. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your garage door opener safe from power outages or power surges.                                                                                                     

What do surge protectors protect?

An ever essential part of the garage door opener, surge protectors ensure that an increase in electric energy will not short your electrical circuit and damage your garage door opener. Surge protectors protect the garage door opener system, which includes the AC power line, the interior control panel, and the safety sensors.

Even within your home, power surges can have a far-reaching impact. When power surges occur, devices like air conditioners, computers, and refrigerators are at risk.


How can you prevent surges from damaging your electrical equipment?

You cannot control or prevent power surges, but you can defend against them with the use of a surge protector. The best way to prevent damage caused by a power surge is to buy a surge protector and routinely check to make sure it’s doing its job. Many people use daylight savings to mark the start of spring cleaning; this might include checking the batteries in the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, but if you’ve got a garage, you can add checking your garage door surge protectors to the list. Surge protectors are designed to absorb energy, so after awhile they are no longer effective, which is why they need to be changed from time to time.


Think your garage door opener has been affected by a surge?

Is your garage door acting a little funky? It could have been affected by a power surge, but before you go replacing this expensive bit of equipment you should test the unit first.

We recommend checking your garage door opener light bulbs, as some LED lights interfere with the signals sent out by the remote controls. Luckily, many garage opener manufacturers are now testing LED bulbs for compatibility, and conveniently, LiftMaster has compiled a list of compatible LED lights.



A new surge protector should cost around $25 dollars - a small cost compared to the price of a new garage door opener. Having trouble with your garage door opener? If you don’t think it’s because of a power surge, you might want to check out The Top Three Reasons Your Garage Door Opener Isn’t Working.


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