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Financing Now Available - Fagan Door
By dfagan
13 Nov 2017

Not only does Fagan Door offer the best quality garage door and garage door opener products, we also help you pay for your investment with special financing offers. ​​*if approved by Wells Fargo.

Buy today, and pay over time.

W​hen you start a project with Fagan Door, you have the opportunity to buy what you need today, then pay for it over a period of time.

​With the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card, you...

By dfagan
25 Aug 2017

If you live in an ocean front property, then you are well aware of the havoc salt can wreak on your home. What’s one area that is particularly susceptible to salt damage? Your garage door. Fortunately, selecting the right type of garage door can help you prevent unwanted salt damage.


First, it’s important to understand why salt is a threat to your garage door. When you live on the coast, the salt air of the ocean will over time corrode the wood or steel of a traditional...

By dfagan
05 Jun 2017

Your garage door is something you probably use everyday - but how often do you even think about it? It’s time to start thinking about your garage door opener at least once a year to complete a safety inspection. Following this simple inspection list will not take much time, but will help to ensure that your garage door will run safely and efficiently for the year ahead.


Here is the simple, 12-step list for your garage door safety inspection:


1. Check that the...