Garage Door Maintenance: 5 Things You Need To Do (DIY) - Fagan Door

Garage Door Maintenance: 5 Things You Need To Do (DIY)


Garage doors manufactured today are meant to last a lifetime, as long as you invest the time to keep them properly maintained. Much like your car, your garage door requires a periodic inspection and tune-up. With proper care and garage door maintenance, it’s easy to keep your garage door in optimal condition. Be advis...

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Garage Door Safety Inspection: 12-Step List by Fagan Door

Garage Door Safety: 12-Step Inspection [Checklist]


Your garage door is something you likely use every single day - but how often do you really think about it? Probably never, unless of course, something goes wrong. And that's understandable, but much like you would with your car, it’s imperative that you put time aside (at least once a year) to inspect the saf...

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