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A Fagan Door in a Snow Drift

How Winter Weather Affects Your Door


Did you know that winter weather has several negative effects on your garage door? Here are just a few: Batteries If you’re finding it hard to open your door when using your remote control or keypad, the first thing you want to check are the batteries. Cold temperatures slow the effectiven...

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Garage door surge protector

Change The Clock - Change the Garage Door Surge Protector


It’s easy to forget about the surge protector on your garage door opener, but it’s an important part of preventing garage door openers from becoming damaged from storms. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your garage door opener safe from power outages or power surges.                                  ...

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Torsion spring showing separation in the coils

What is the average life of a garage door spring?


The average life of a garage door spring system is typically 7-9 years, if the spring set was calculated for 10,000 cycles based on being used 4 times per day. Since the garage door is being used more like a front door by most busy families, the springs may only last between 4-6 years, or even less.  There are...

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Garage Door Maintenance: 5 Things You Need To Do (DIY) - Fagan Door

Garage Door Maintenance: 5 Things You Need To Do (DIY)


Garage doors manufactured today are meant to last a lifetime, as long as you invest the time to keep them properly maintained. Much like your car, your garage door requires a periodic inspection and tune-up. With proper care and garage door maintenance, it’s easy to keep your garage door in optimal condition. Be advis...

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Garage Door Safety Inspection: 12-Step List by Fagan Door

Garage Door Safety: 12-Step Inspection [Checklist]


Your garage door is something you likely use every single day - but how often do you really think about it? Probably never, unless of course, something goes wrong. And that's understandable, but much like you would with your car, it’s imperative that you put time aside (at least once a year) to inspect the saf...

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