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Pros & Cons of Garage Doors with Windows

With no natural light, garages can sometimes feel cramped, dark and dingy. If you don’t want to feel claustrophobic, we’ve got an easy solution - windows! While garages with windows have many benefits, such as making an enclosed space feel open, they may not be the right fit for every home.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of garage doors with windows:

The Pros of Having Garage Doors with Windows

Natural Lighting

The most obvious benefit of having windows in your garage door is the amount of sunlight that can easily enter. This will give your garage space a brighter feeling, and make it a more pleasant area. A sun-filled, welcoming garage space is perfect if you plan to use your garage as a work area, gym, or hang-out.

Along with more light, windows allow the warmth of the sun to penetrate your garage, heating your garage. This can be great in the winter, but could be tough in the hot summer months.

Luxurious Design

Another huge advantage to garages with windows, is the added design element. Windows add much more visual appeal to your home, and offer some additional aesthetic options. For example, many people choose to match the windows on their home to the windows on their garage doors. This helps created a unified and cohesive look for your home.

The Cons of Having Garage Doors with Windows

Lack of Privacy

For garages with windows, one drawback is the lack of privacy. While windows let in light, they also allow your garage interior to be seen. If you don’t want people to see what you keep in your garage, windows might not be the right fit. There are two ways that you can offset this con: You can place the windows in the top section of the door, above eye-level, or you can order frosted or obscure windows for added privacy.

Lack of Insulation

Another disadvantage of windows is the lack of insulation. When adding a section of windows, it removes the insulation of that section. However, as mentioned previously, adding windows can also warm your garage.

Renovation Issues and Cost

Aside from the privacy and insulation, adding windows to an existing door can throw off the balance of your garage door. Each garage door spring is carefully calibrated to balance the door properly. If you alter your door by adding windows, you can throw off the balance of the original engineered spring and cause potential damage to your garage door opener system, which will be lifting more weight than originally intended. Lastly, garage doors with windows cost more. So if you’re on on a tight budget, skip the windows.


Knowing all the ways that garages with windows can work for you and your home, and all the potential worries that come with windows - it’s time to make an informed decision! Think about your home and what you need your garage to do. Then consult our pros & cons to see what best aligns with your needs!

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