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Spring Forward

Here Comes The Sun!


Daylight savings is a great reminder to take care of some maintenance around the house you’ve been...

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Operation of a garage door with remote

About Garage Door Remotes and Keypads


As a company that specializes in garage doors, we often e...

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Ghost standing in front of garage door

Halloween Fun with Your Garage


Halloween is just around the corner! Our team came up wit...

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Timber doors

Wonderful Ways You Can Use Your Garage


If you’re stuck at home looking for a project that will e...

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Reasons to Consider Financing Your Door


Maybe you have been waiting to save up enough money to buy that perfect garage door that you have been wanting. Why wait? In addition to high quality garage doors and garage door openers, Fagan Door offers financing plans so you can buy now and pay over time. Even if you have the cash, financing a purchase can benef...

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Garage Door Installation

Save Money by Avoiding these 3 Mistakes When Preparing Your Garage Door Opening


Attention Contractors! Save money by avoiding the three most common mistakes when constructing your garage door opening: 1) It all starts with the concrete pour If your concrete pour is too narrow, the need to special order an odd sized door along with a longer lead time may become an ...

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5 Affordable Home Improvements With the Best Resale Value in 2018


Every year thousands of homeowners will ask: which home improvements offer the best resale value? What are some affordable projects to increase property value? Although there are many things to consider like location and property type, cost vs. value should be a top consideration. Bec...

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how to prevent garage door flooding

How to Prevent Garage Door Flooding [5 Tips]


On the East Coast, rain is inevitable. If your garage is home to important belongings, like electronics, power tools, or furniture, flooding is your worst enemy. When it comes to flooding, it's incredibly important to be proactive with your preparation--before it's too late.  Here are 5 tips to prevent floodin...

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What to Do When Your Garage Door Won't Close (All the Way) - Fagan Door

What to Do When Your Garage Door Won't Close


Uh-oh! Your garage door is stuck. What’s next? What do you do when your garage door won’t close? Do you call a professional maintenance worker right away, or do you do some tinkering on your own? On one hand, you could end up paying a lot of money to fix a relatively simple problem, on the other you could worsen the situation...

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