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Harbour Door Series: Protect Your Garage Door from Salt Damage - Fagan Door

If you live in an ocean front property, then you are well aware of the havoc salt can wreak on your home. What’s one area that is particularly susceptible to salt damage? Your garage door. Fortunately, selecting the right type of garage door can help you prevent unwanted salt damage.

First, it’s important to understand why salt is a threat to your garage door. When you live on the coast, the salt air of the ocean will over time corrode the wood or steel of a traditional garage door. This corrosion compromises both the door’s strength and its appearance. Garage doors that become corroded will need to be repaired and replaced much more frequently, which can be wasteful and costly.

Fortunately, there are garage doors made specifically to withstand the corrosive effects of coastal living.

The Harbour Series by Fagan Door is our signature line of garage doors engineered and built to offer uncompromising style with a strong, resilient construction.


The Harbour Series is available in three tiers of varying design and detail. All tiers in the range are constructed from a naturally white composite that gives the luxe appearance of wood and can be painted to your color of choice. If white is your desired color, the Harbour Series does not need to be painted; its natural white color fits in perfectly with existing white trim.

Don’t like any of our pre-selected designs? Fagan Door offers custom design services for Harbour Series Tier 3 should none of our designs suit your needs.


The true advantage of the Harbour Series garage door lies in its reliable strength and durability. Each door in the Harbour Series is made from a vinyl composite that will not rot, crack, or split like traditional wooden garage doors, nor will they rust like a steel door. The synthetic composite of the door also does not support growth of mold or mildew, which translates into less upkeep.

Best of all, the Harbour Series will not corrode from the harsh salt air of the ocean, meaning fewer service appointments and no costly replacements. The Harbour Series is built to last a lifetime.

With unrivaled style and a build quality to match, Harbour Series doors by Fagan Door are a beautiful addition to any home that can stand the test of time - and of salt corrosion.

A coastal community is a beautiful place to live. Unfortunately, the heavy salt in the coastal climate will corrode your garage door over time.

To protect your garage door from salt damage, invest in Fagan Door’s Harbour Series garage doors.

With great style and reliable strength, these garage doors will be a beautiful addition to your home that can stand the test of time - and of salt corrosion.

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