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Versatex Trimboard

When it comes to your taking care of your home, the exterior trim you select can help reduce your overall maintenance costs associated with keeping the exterior of your home looking fresh.  The harsh New England winters and hot sun can make wood rot, crack and split. For this reason it is becoming more popular for homeowners and builders alike to choose a cellular PVC trim as an alternative to wood, as it is extremely durable and quite cost effective.

At Fagan Door we exclusively use the Versatex Trimboard.

The Versatex Trimboard is a free-foam cellular PVC trim which is made to look like premium wood without all the problems that come with actual wood. While Versatex Trimboard has many great features, including its woodworking characteristics, it’s two big selling points are the moisture protection and paint adhesion.

While maintaining the wooden appearance, Versatex doesn’t experience wood’s common issues with moisture. PVC is a plastic, making it very durable and well protected against nature’s forces. The exposed end grain of classic pine board trims cannot withstand moisture, which leads them to rot and decay, whereas the Versatex trimboard is protected against distortion, delaminating, and decaying. Versatex trim is also designed to be reversible, and it comes in two finishes: smooth, and a rough wooden texture. In our opinion, Versatex is the most natural looking wood alternative that you’ll find on the market.

Another great feature of Versatex is its paint adhesion. While PVC products don’t require  painting, Versatex is paintable and the paint will last 4-5 times longer than a painted wood trim product. To ensure lasting beauty of your paint, be sure to check with a Versatex dealer to discuss the types of paint that are recommended.

The premium craftsmanship and high aesthetic value, backed by a Lifetime Warranty and made right here in the USA, are the reasons why Fagan Door chooses Versatex trim boards.

Want to know where you can learn more about Versatex Trimboard? Contact Fagan Door or check out our Versatex garage doors online.

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