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Glass Garage Doors - Jade Series

  • Glass Garage Doors
  • Glass Garage Doors
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Give your home the Scandinavian treatment with a Jade garage door. Every Jade door is composed of an aluminum frame with glass panel inserts. This combination of materials makes the Jade door both ever-lasting and highly recyclable.

Choose from 1/8 inch tempered, 1/4 inch laminate, or 1/2 inch insulated tempered glass. These are all available clear or optionally, frosted.

Fagan Door's durable hardware system along with 11-ball white nylon rollers will provide years of reliable operation.

Build Material Anodized Aluminum
Glass Options 1/8 in Tempered, 1/2 in Insulated Tempered, 1/4 in Laminate
Insulation Available with 1/2 in Tempered Glass