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Colonial Garage Doors - Emerald Series

  • White Colonial Style Garage Doors
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If one of our colors does not suit your needs, rest assured that the sections can be painted in the field to match your color scheme. Painting instructions can be provided. Alternatively, check out our other garage doors

Fagan Door recommends the R16 insulation for its superior insulating qualities and durable construction. Our polyurethane insulation is molded between galvanized steel skins, resulting in five times more insulation values than a wooden or non-insulated garage door. The interior and exterior steel skins are separated by a thermal break, eliminating the transfer of heat and cold from outside to inside your garage. An aluminum option is also available for select models and colors.

See our Window Options for available glass choices to further enhance the beauty of your home.

Build Material Galvanized Steel or Anodized Aluminum
Insulation None, R7 Styrofoam, or R16 Polyurethane
Panel Thickness 1.75 in
Labor 1 year
Manufacturer Limited Lifetime