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Garage Door Opener Safety FAQ'S

Garage Door Opener Safety FAQ'S

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A photo eye sensor is a device that detects a change in light intensity. Typically, this means either non-detection or detection of the sensor’s emitted light source. Photo eye sensors are readily present in everyday life. They help safely control the opening and closing of garage doors, turn on sink faucets with the wave of a hand, control elevators, open the doors at the grocery store, detect the winning car at racing events, and so much more.

Photoelectric sensors offer many advantages when compared to other technologies. Sensing ranges for photoelectric sensors far surpass the inductive, capacitive, magnetic, and ultrasonic technologies. Their small size versus sensing range and a unique variety of housings makes them a perfect fit for almost any application. Finally, with continual advances in technology, photoelectric sensors are price competitive with other sensing technologies.

What can snow and ice can do? - The photo eyes throw an invisible beam so that if anything crosses their path when the door is travelling in the down position, a signal will be sent to the opener's logic board to make the door reverse. This is for safety of children and pets.  If snow is blowing across the eyes, or if there is a shovel in the way and blocking the beams, the door will not close.


The second safety feature is the built-in mechanical safety reverse. If the door gets all the way to the floor and there happens to be an obstruction underneath the photo eye "beam" the mechanical feature will kick in.  When the garage door opener is installed, Fagan Door sets the door to open to a specific height, and close to a specific point (the floor).  If there is snow or ice build up, or even sand underneath where the door sits and normally closes, the opener will think there is an obstruction, which will cause the opener to reverse.

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